The major points that make our program worthy for you and the community at large 

  1.  A magazine dedicated to serve as the premier place to showcase client homes – the focus is real estate. (Serves all parties with interest in Greenwich real estate)
  2.  A custom sized 9” x 11 ¾” magazine printed by a top printer in the country using quality paper stock (Home shoppers will love it)
  3.  A smart, consumer engaging digital magazine with advertiser videos, slideshows, links and social media buttons (GHE is the only publication to offer this cohesive plan for consumer involvement from print to interactive digital)
  4.  A direct mail program to the 28% top net worth homeowners in Greenwich plus strategic street circulation in town  (Target homeowners who need your assistance)
  5. Cost is significantly more affordable than current newspapers and magazines. We pledge to remain cost friendly for years to come (Raise the bar quality coupled with great pricing is a good thing for your image and budget)

CLICK on the Magazine Cover to Experience Tools in the Digital Magazine - In today's age, print guides readers online. GHE will direct consumers to our digital magazine to see your videos, slideshows, links, social media buttons - truly engaging and bringing consumers to your online story.

Ad Close Date: April 21, 2016

First Issue Prices - Full Page $1275    Half Page: $795

Digital Ad Prices - Full Page $145   Half Page: $95

Please contact us with questions and to set meetings